Friday, March 27, 2009

My life as of recently.

I am currently reading Watchmen. I decided to pick it as my book club with my sistas because none of my sisters ever been into the comic books scene and I thought it would be edgy. I was going to pick Y! The Last Man because that series is effing amazing, but I decided to pick one that I haven't read before (so I don't accidentally give away plot points from later books. Plus, Watchmen is one book and not a series). So far it is... alright. With all the hype from it I thought it would be so amazing, but so far if I didn't pick it for book club I would probably stop reading it. In addition to reading Watchmen I am also reading the second to last installment of the Outlander Series (which is a series about a WWII time traveling nurse!) and so far that one is pretty good. The way it is written seems overly wordy and elaborate on details that have no pertinence to the story, but they are entertaining enough.

Last night I went to show featuring Peter's band, Knife Tornado, at Club Vegas. He's in a metal band, and although I don't mind the drums and the guitars I hate the screaming/singing. I've heard Peter play me some songs on his drums at his house but this was the first time I saw him perform (well perform non Taiko drums), and it was quite exhilarating. All of their songs were incredibly powerful and energetic and they would have been pretty cool if they would just stop screaming and sing instead! But also, last night was the first time I met pretty much all of Peter's friends. Over the years that I've known him he would always say things like "oh hey we should hang out with so-and-so" and then it just wouldn't happen. I use to feel like he didn't think I was cool enough to meet his other friends, but dunno then I got to know him better and that seemed a silly assumption. It was an odd feeling meeting his friends. He always talks about so and so and naturally I envision an idea of what they look like and what I imagined Logan (one of his friends that he talks about all the time) to look like was almost exactly as he was, whereas with Paul (another one he talks about always) was nothing at all what I thought he would look like.

Today I had a physics exam. (I know, right? Go to a concert the night before your exam? Not the wisest. But Peter should give me super props for being so dedicated to the cause!) I think I did fairly well on the exam, there was one problem though that I thought was insanely ridiculous and I was worried that whatever way I was trying to solve it was excessive and a way round about way of solving it. I felt so bad though, on our exams we circle which TA we go to for discussion so we can get the exams returned and my TA, Rhett, is a pretty good TA but one day he was sick and this other TA, Ren, substituted for him and the way he taught was waaaay easier for me to understand than for Rhett so I decided to go to Ren's class but when I turned in my exam today Rhett was there and he was asking about how I thought I did and he freakin' knew my name. I mean, most TAs don't bother learning names and might recognize you by how you look, but sigh, he knew my name and I had an exam that the other TA's name was circled. He was like "oh, did you mean to circle me?" and I was like "Um.. no.." to say the least it was awkward and I felt bad making him feel like he wasn't a good teacher or something.

Let's see, what else? My friend Ziv has been trying to play match maker with me. At first he wanted to set me up with one of his friends because his friend "likes big boobs" and I was like "ehhh, I don't think so." I mean, even if he was dreamy I wouldn't want someone who's criteria for dating is if you have big tatas. Then he told me his friend Feliks was interested in me, and I had anatomy with him and at the time I always thought he was kind of cute but I definitely got that vibe of "totally not into you". I've been texting him now and again, and sitting with him in bio chem 2 (in which we found out we had together) but still he gives off that "ehhh" vibe to me. So who knows where that will go, if anywhere.

Tonight I have plans to hang out with Sam and her posse plus Peter (and maybe Paul?) and watch this movie called Southland Tales, which might I add looks completely stupid but a few of my friends have been freaking out about how awesome it is so I figured I would give it a try.

Okay, that's my life as of right. now.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

new computer and spring break!

Spring break is next week! Yes!

Although I will be sooooo happy for when I'm done with school I have to admit I sure am going to miss vacations like spring break and month off for Christmas holiday. It will definitely be a sad day when I only get a few days off for xmas and a even more sadder day when I might actually have to do work on my birthday. Haha.

Ugh, my hair has soooo many split ends. Pfft, the universe is teaching me to want to straighten my hair. Do you guys have any helpful hints of getting rid of spit ends (besides cutting it) because quite honestly it drives me kind of nuts.

I'm at work currently and I am slightly bored... okay really bored. I figured I would have physics homework that could distract myself with, but thankfully it was incredibly easy.

School is going pretty good so far. Although I have been slightly lazy and not the best student this semester. I've done fairly well but not like 100% effort.. so I guess I better kick it into gear. I have decided though, despite my laziness this semester that I have definitely refined my study habits. When I first started college I was straight from high school where all I had to do was go to class to get an A. Plus not caring exactly what grades I got (as long as I passed) didn't help much but here at the end of my undergrad career I notice that I do spend time actually reading the text books and devoting large amount of time to finish my homework and making sure I understand it inside and out. It took me awhile to get like this but I have remembered how nice it is to get 100% on quizzes and exams and to be able to teach other people the ins and outs of school like how it was in high school.

In other news, the other day I bought a new computer! I've been saving up for a long time since I didn't want to go further into debt and I decided on a beast of a machine: 24 inch iMac with 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of memory, 1TB hard drive, 8x double-layer SuperDrive, and my favorite: ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB. It's going to be amazing.