Monday, November 2, 2009

Exciting Future Plans!

Happy belated Halloween, guys.

I was going to post pictures of my Halloween costume, but my Mom insisted on having far away photos (to get the "full effect" of my costume) and I think they ended up ugly, and apparently I was elusive at my parties so no photos! Oh well.

Left is the pumpkin I carved! I tried to make it a pumpkin-carving gathering but neither Parker nor Alex wanted to, so I just carved it myself! I thought this badboy was pretty awesome, I even carved open the back of the little pumpkin so that it would light up too when I had a candle in the big one. I usually don't like to carve large pumpkins (because of how tedious it is to carve through something that thick), but this one wasn't so bad. My niece Ivy seemed like she wanted in on my carving, so she carved the tiny one. She was pretty expert at it.

Let see what else is new to me recently. Well, last week I applied for graduation! I should be graduating next spring if all goes to plan (aka, if I don't fail my classes-- grr p-chem, hardest chemistry class, ever.) I recently took Advance Organic Chem Lab, which is a half semester class. My whole grade depended on how well I did the reactions. In the first week I made something, and with that product I had to make something else with it, etc, so basically if I messed up anywhere and didn't get a yield, I was screwed. In the end I had to write a paper (ended up being exactly 60 pages) which was basically my entire grade for the class. So say the least, I've been pretty busy.

The last thing on my agenda, and probably the most exciting was that I applied a few months ago to International Student Volunteer to go on a month long humanitarian trip (well, two weeks humanitarian trip, two weeks of FUN). My location choices were 1) Thailand, 2)Australia, 3) Ecuador, and I recently found out that I'm going to Thailand August 5th! I haven't received my humanitarian assignment yet, but I am hoping that I will get to take care of elephants and monkeys. (YES ELEPHANTS AND MONKEYS). Then some of the fun things I will get to do for my last two weeks are snorkeling around Koh Phi Phi, rock climbing and cave exploration in the deep caverns in the north of Thailand, sea kayaking around the islands and hidden caves around Phang-Nga Bay, and a two day hill-tribe jungle trek which hikes to indigenous Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand.