Thursday, September 24, 2009

First exam of the semester!

Today I had my inorganic chemistry exam. I didn't do as well as I had hoped. When I was doing the old exams I was getting 90-100% correct, but this exam I guess he decided to throw some curve balls and so I probably got around 80%. Which, I suppose, is fine. I just really wanted to get an A in this class because it's definitely my favorite this semester.

I have come to find that I like classes based on two things, a) how approachable the professor is and how willing he/she will answer my questions, and b) if the class is logical. I like things to be logical but I think the approachability of my professors is directly proportional. If I think of organic chemistry, and how much I loooooooved that class I know it all winds down to my professor, Holly. Versus classes like pchem in which I feel like if I ever ask questions in class everyone will look at me as if I was being an idiot (which might be true because sometimes I just don't know what to ask, I always want to ask "what does this have to do with anything? I understand the math of it all but whats the point?" which I might just do one day when I've had enough). I just hope I can get a fairly good passing grade for pchem class and that's all I care about because I doubt that it will have large part in my life. (Maybe pchem 2 with thermodynamics but the probability of where electrons are? Little to none significance.)

Anyways, Peter and I are going to zoo for post-exam celebration! THEY HAVE A BABY ELEPHANT NOW!

Edit: Back from the zoo! I got pooped on by a bird in the jungle area of the snake house. But! Guess what?


Baby elephants, baby tigers, baby giraffes, baby snow leopard, baby tamerans, baby monkeys! BABY EVERYTHING!

The baby elephant! She was super cute, she laid down in the mud, she played with her plastic toy balls, tried to fall asleep standing up, and only until later did I realize I had a camera. So the only one I got was with her hiding by Mom's leg!

When Peter and I got to the giraffe house the two adult giraffes looked like they were gonna get it on, but unfortunately it led to no where. I doubt I was the only one who was unsatisfied. WINK WINK.

Now for some other normal zoo pictures:

Trying to escape! (Then later he decided to just eat the pine tree).

This one is for Devin because I know how crazy he is over red pandas.

D'aw the bear. Did you know that black bears can be between black to almost white? NOW YOU DO! All the animals were so active! We decided while watching this black bear that he was trying to find a way to jump the gully and try to escape. He looked like he really wanted to at the end, but knew it was too far away!

My only evidence that Peter was there (I couldn't pinch it's nipples AND take the picture!)

P.S. My sister read my blog and she told me that they have glasses that you can wear to look at gorillas so they dont think youre challenging them with eye contact. You should check them out because they look pretty hilarious.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Girl Scouts of the Season!

Last Friday was Girl Scouts and it was pretty good. We did Investiture in which we made my Brownies into Juniors.

Back Row (Left to Right): Grace, Michaela, Ivy, Me, Billye, Mom.
Front Row(Left to Right): Brenna, Alannah, Mary

Last year I was just the Brownie leader, but this year my Brownies graduated into Juniors and I will be helping my Mom with lessons as well has planning some of my own. We are working on an arts and crafts badge and so we painted dongles (which are little pieces of wood that can be used as name tags up at camp and things). We also colored special paper in which would be transferred to melmac plates. I mostly helped with the dongles, and I was able to paint my own!

I've missed painting, and oh sweet lordy when I got out my paint brushes it was like greeting an old friend. I've wanted to paint more, I've missed the feeling of paint inked all over my hands for forever but it's always such a hassle to get everything out. I had the ambition in the summer to make a section of the garage into a painting studio, but then we used that space to help our moving neighbors and it kind of fell on it's face. I suppose I can work on that. I wonder what I should paint? Any suggestions?