Thursday, October 23, 2008

Necklaces and iMacs.

So, I bought myself some new jewelery. Isn't it adorable? It is a envelope that has an actual removable love letter. Sooooooo cute. I can't WAIT for it to get here. Although I do kind of wish a boy would have bought it for me, but it is far too awesome for me to pass up.

So, I have decided to save up for a new imac. I calculated that in maybe 3 paychecks I could afford it and still have money left over, but I might just wait 4 paychecks (2 months) until I buy it so I won't panic that I have no money. Also, it is almost Christmas time so probably a lot of my funds will have to go to presents. I suppose we'll see. I do tend to over estimate my spending just so I wont ever overspend.

Speaking of paychecks, I got paid today! Yay! Halfway to my goal.

School is going good, well maybe not Bio chem. I have an exam Nov. 3rd and I am starting to feel kind of terrified of how much I need to know for that exam. Mechanisms of like 5 proteins, kinetics of proteins, Ordered and random proteins. Just seems like so much information and probably knowing my professor he would tell us that there is all this stuff on the exam and then just do some trivial information. Argg, so frustrating.

In other news, I am crushing hard on a certain boy. I don't really expect it to go anywhere, honestly, but it is nice to daydream and imagine myself kissing him. ;) But, I guess we'll see how it goes!

Friday, October 3, 2008

O chem exam!

So, I just realized what is one of the best feelings in the world is: getting an awesome grade on a test which is returned ON A FRIDAY.

That's right you heard it. I got a kickin' score on my O chem test. My professor thought it was super cool to torture us by talking about how the test scores were kind of low and that now was the time to learn from the exams and do better on the next three, making all of us anxious about our test scores just to LECTURE TO US. Holy smokes, I was ready to raise my hand and tell her that she was killing us here. But I got my first exam back and I got a whole 30 points HIGHER than average! Woo! I would have got more except for I was smoking crack on one of the problems and reacted the starting materials with the products. I have no idea what I was thinking on the exam!? Man, too bad I ran out of time in the last few minutes otherwise I could have gone back and double checked my answers to verify I was acting like a total crazy. But oh well, I'm not too worried about it, maybe I will go to my teacher and like plead for some pity points (because I did do in that problem what I had been doing in the last 5 problems and I guess my mind just got stuck in a rut.)

In about an hour I will get my other exam back and hopefully it doesn't kill my "got a good grade and it's friday" euphoria so I can have a totally awesome weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Girl Scouts

In case you hadn't heard, I have decided to help my Mom out and be a a co-leader to her Girl Scout troop. I am the leader for the Brownie Troop, which is super small. In years past my Mom would have the brownies skip up a year and do Junior things, but now the GS organization is doing something different for each age groups. In my Mom's troop there is a group of Cadets, Juniors, and Brownies. My Mom's friend Stacey is working with the Cadets since her daughter is there, my Mom is working with the Juniors and as I said, I'm with the Brownies. I was actually quite timid about how it was going to work out. This new system requires a lot of writing, reading, and things that are kind of like homework that they're suppose to do with their families but I was surprised on how well everything worked out today. As far as I know, all of the groups are doing steps to becoming a better leader and they talk about different things according to their age levels. For instance, the Brownie's "keys to being a leader" is discovering, connecting, and taking action.

Today was our first meeting, and I was actually pretty nervous on how things were going to be. The Brownie group is pretty small: Me, my niece Alannah, and another girl named Brenna. It was kind of awkward, so since Alannah goes to a different school she always gets to Girl Scouts later than Brenna and so it was like one on one for awhile but once Alannah got there things were easier, and I think everyone had a lot of fun. What our major activity was "discovering the girl scout law" in which I cut up the girl scout law into lines and I made up a scavenger hunt in which they had to figure out nature clues to find the little tokens then we pieces the girl scout law back together. The only thing I was sad about was that I wanted to use the nice weather so I hid the tokens/law scrolls outside and then some kids came over to the church and found one of them and took it away. I mean, it was a little obvious where it was hidden, but kind of frustrating that they would see that it was taped down and still take it. Oh well, I guess. Despite the missing law scroll/token the scavenger hunt was a big hit, it made me proud that Alannah and Brenna were saying things like "I bet our activity was way more fun that yours!" to the other age groups.

Next week, our activity seems kind of lame and I wonder if they will still have fun. My Mom talked about combining girls and activities since they both kind of apply to the same kind of principles plus its UEA. So I will let you know how it goes!