Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting on the ball.

So I was blog hopping and I noticed that I haven't updated this thing in a bazillion years, so here I am getting on the ball.

I am currently taking summer semester classes. I am taking Physics for Sci. & Eng. II and Quantitative Analysis. Physics is pretty straight forward what it's about, with this level of class though I get the annoying aspects of normal physics added with calculus. Not so bad so far, but I have an exam tomorrow and so we'll see how bad it really is. Quantitative Analysis (QA) is an upper divisional four-days-a-week chemistry class. Two days are dedicated to 2 hour lecture about the theory, while the other days are limited to four hour chem lab periods. The main objective of this course is to learn the ability to find an unknown substance's composition and how much of those components are present. Basically if you imagine any professional career involving chemistry, that's what we're doing, "What is in this person's blood" "What percentage of contaminates are in this water" etc. Eventually in the semester we get to pick a "special project" in which we get to pick our own subject to anaylize. I haven't picked mine yet, but I was thinking of finding out how much sugar is present in coke zero (because I sure don't believe that there is NO SUGAR in that!). I will probably pick something else because my professor said food related topics are typically hard to do, and I want to succeed in my decomposition of my project's elements. Okay, enough about geeking out... moving on..

Last Saturday my Girl Scout Troop had it's Court of Awards and since I was the leader of the Brownies, I was the one passing out the awards! It was definitely weird giving badges instead of receiving badges (haha). I am hoping that I will be able to do girl scouts next year, but my schedule next semester is hella busy and I'm not sure if I will be able to. I definitely enjoy doing all the fun girl scout badges again, and it's surprising how much I do remember from the days I was a girl scout. Brenna and Alannah are sure fun to spend time with, especially when they want to act silly (as seen in the picture-- they wanted moustaches one day we were painting and so I gave them the obligtory handle bar and old man 'staches.) The badges we covered this year was the Journey patch (which taught the brownies how to be a leader), Friends are Fun try-it (in which we made totally awesome braclets out of cut up toliet paper rolls and yarn), two science try-its (in which we did awesome acid-base reactions, played with magnets and static electricity), and eventually a stitching try-it (where we stitched a sock creature together and did cross stitching). We also did a service project in which we tied felt blankets together and gave them to elderly individuals around the Holidays.

Besides work, school, and girl scouts I am have been spending as much time as possible with my friends. My latest hobby is to go hiking, and boy do I enjoy it. I typically go a couple times a week with my friend Peter, but I do like to switch it up with a variety of friends. Peter and I are working up to the long mountain hikes by hiking along the hills while its still cool in the valley but soon enough we'll head up into the real mountains and I can really be at peace with the earth. It is so relaxing and soothing to my soul to just stop and listen to the wind through the trees and the crickets of all the bugs. Here are some more cute hiking photos of me and my friends. I am missing one of me and Parker up in the hills, but since it's on my camera which is at home this will have to do until I can really get on the ball and upload some new ones. That top picture of me is at Red Butte at the Living Room! It's called the living room because people moved the sandstone around to form little chairs in which you can wonder out at the landscape. The next two was a hike that I did with Peter, Sam, and Kristen and the mission of that hike was to get to these caves that Peter and I spotted at the Pit. Unfortunately, we didn't make it up to the top because some weren't as experienced hikers and so we just made it to the top of the ridge (which is next to Ensign peak). Someone mocked me for hiking in a skirt, but LET ME TELL YOU, hiking in a skirt is the best-- especially when you've got to go pee, haha. ***Edit! I got that picture of Parker up! There's a picture of him and his dog Maxi, she was afraid of being in the woods and was running on Parker's heels.